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Le Diamantaire at Republic Gallery


Le Diamantaire (The Diamond Maker) began putting up his diamonds in the streets of Paris in 2011. Now, his distinct symbol numbers around 600, visible not only in Paris but all over the world.  The young, up and coming artist Diamantaire is hosted by the Republic Gallery on his first exhibition  that opened last April 27 and will run until May 11.

The multidisciplinary artist uses different media and materials such as wood, glass and iron. For Diamantaire, making use of abandoned and reclaimed materials and turning them into the most recognizable icon of success and wealth, produces diamonds that reflect a city that continuously moves. For him, the walls of the city speak because of the mirrors and highlights the beauty of the street art. “The street is a gem that needs to be (given) much attention.”

Le Diamantaire explains his fascination with mirrors and diamonds: “they allow me to reflect the city. When we walk and look at diamonds, they always seem to shine. It’s that relation between mirrors and movements that interests me.”

For his first exhibition, Le Diamantaire wants to show his diversity in materials and play with different mediums. “I would like to build on my creation so that spectators can enter my universe, to show the extent of my work through recovery, the raw material of my work.” Le Diamantaire has put in a lot of time and work into his exhibition pieces which will also be for sale to the public. “I know that people are happy to find what they see in the streets. That’s why I can’t wait to see the expression on their faces when they view my new work during the exhibition.”

The Republic Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in the Haut-Marais district and has a multi-disciplinary program with young artists, both emerging and established.  Benjamin Derouillon of the Republic Gallery said that he was intrigued by the work of Diamantaire and scheduled a meeting in the artist’s studio. “I was really impressed by his work, its quality and diversity, Benjamin said. At the end of the meeting, a theme and date for the exposition was set.

Catch the exposition until May 11!

Sources: Republic Gallery and Art Media Agency

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Le Diamantaire

Republic Gallery Website

Written by: Rhona Agtay 

“Being the main writer for Parisian Local provides a venue for me to express and write, about the city I adore at that! Paris for me means creativity, culture, passion and romance.”

Photography by: Josephine Docena

“Paris is where i nurture my passion, this city inspires me to keep pushing further and to believe in my talent.  This is a place where passionate people are acknowledged.  I wake up happy to be living here.  I am very thankful for all the surprises, experiences and creative ideas that this city gives me every single day.”

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